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發布時間:2024-04-18 來源:http://www.guoye168.net/


In our daily lives, we have also seen many military themed film and television works. We often see commanders standing in front of a terrain model to study the combat plan and display when the two armies are fighting. In fact, this is the military sand table model. Generally, the military sand table model is based on the terrain map, aerial photos, or actual terrain of the combat area, stacked with sand, chess, and other materials in a certain proportion.


The exercise and tactical research of this model are very meaningful for practical operations, so what aspects should be paid attention to when making military models?



Sand Table Landform Production: Sand tables simulate landforms in a timely manner, making it convenient for commanders to observe and layout. Therefore, the production of landforms is very important, and it is an important part of military sand table production. Sand table landforms production is to control the basic shape and contour lines of the landforms, and then flower the corresponding positions of various landforms on the sand table. Then, a flag is inserted, and the height of the flag is the proportion height of the landforms plus the thickness of the underlying sand, which is a more flag stacked sand table, truly restoring the terrain and landforms.


The production of sand table setting: The previous step was aimed at terrain and landforms, and in this step, some facilities on the sand table should be made in a timely manner, including houses, railways, bridges, trees, and independent features. Roads and rural roads should be represented with uneven width paper (cloth strips), and forests should be represented with small branches or green sawdust. The main focus of this step is to ensure that the size of the features should be suitable for the horizontal scale, and the relationship position should be correct


Sand Table Base Production: Starting from a thousand zhang flat ground, building production needs to establish a good base, and the same principle applies to production. First, we need to place the sand table frame steadily, then use tools to level and compact the sand, and then mark the different landscape facilities represented by the number on top.


Inspection: mainly to check whether the scale of the military sand table is correct, whether the scale size is indicated, and whether the sand table model is oriented north and south. If a coordinate network is needed, thin lines can be used to create a coordinate network.


Tactical setting: The setting of military sandbox tactics is to use objects to simulate our and enemy armies, and the specific setting needs to be determined according to the tactics.


This article is provided to you by a large military model, and our website is: http://www.guoye168.net We will provide you with wholehearted enthusiasm and welcome your visit!

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