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A large-scale ship model is a scaled model made strictly according to the shape, structure, color, and even interior components of the real ship, and is strictly scaled down. Because once a certain part proportion is different, the ship model, due to its authentic reproduction of the main characteristics of the original ship, is exquisitely crafted, and it contains ship culture, which has high collection value. A set of carefully collected ship models can even fully and realistically reproduce the history of a shipping company and a shipping brand.


The ship model in everyone's mind is exquisite and meticulous, but it is just the stacking and assembly of countless parts. With a little patience, anyone can put it together. What's the difficulty of this; The assembled model cannot be put into the water, it can only be placed at home as a leisure item for wealthy people.



Not to mention how difficult it is to glue, add colors, trim, and assemble small and precise parts during the installation of a ship model. What if we want to make a ship model? And it also comes with some practical performance?


To produce a specialized ship model, it is necessary to reduce the size of the manufactured ship model to a certain proportion based on the ship's shape value table and line diagram. This is an important tool for predicting the actual ship's navigation performance and assisting in ship research and teaching.


As an approximate substitute for actual ship testing, the reliability (i.e. dynamic similarity) of ship models is closely related to their geometric similarity. Therefore, the surface of ship models not only requires smoothness, but also requires high geometric processing accuracy. Due to the fact that the ship model surface belongs to a large symmetrical free form surface, the current manual layout method not only has extremely low processing efficiency, but also is difficult to ensure the machining accuracy of the ship model surface.

目前,公司級別的船模制作都已經充分利用現有計算機輔助設計(ComputerAided De—sign,CAD)/計算機輔助制造(Computer Aided Manufacturing,CAM)/計算機數字控制(Comput-Numerical Control,CNC)一體化技術,提高船模曲面的加工效率和精度,制作出更加精良的船模。

At present, the production of ship models at the company level has fully utilized the existing computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)/computer numerical control (CNC) integrated technology to improve the machining efficiency and accuracy of ship model surfaces and produce more refined ship models.


In addition to being able to experiment, it is also a replication form of ship/dock models. Can be used for large-scale exhibitions, they are also a form of promotion for ships.


For communication and device manufacturers, how to quickly push their products to the market is to let more people understand the products, and participating in exhibitions is a very effective way; It can provide more people with a certain understanding of ship/dock models. Large ship models

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