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A military model is a form of expression of the system, process, thing or concept being studied, which is a model that is scaled down to a certain proportion based on the appearance of military weapons (external visible components such as weapon systems).



1. Material selection


For different models, there are many types of materials to choose from before production. Before selecting materials, it is important to prepare the necessary equipment and related tools, as well as allocate and purchase the various materials required during the processing, so that the final model can be more realistic.


2. Pay attention to the refinement of the model


A good warship model should not only have good component materials, but also have well matched color spraying. Therefore, when making this type of model, it is not enough to complete all the processes of the entire model and complete the painting work on the final surface. Instead, it is necessary to place it in a realistic environment to achieve a more realistic effect, which is considered the true creation of the model.


3. Aircraft carrier preservation


After completing the model, it is necessary to protect it and preferably cover it with a glass cover to prevent dust pollution. At the same time, for some relatively small aircraft carrier model parts, due to their fragility, it is necessary to be more careful both during transportation and storage.


Whether it is making warship models or general sand table models, the requirements for various production details are relatively high. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to making the pre production design as perfect as possible, so that the final formed model can have a more realistic effect.

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